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def.. The Science of choosing and giving the perfect gift

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To us selecting the perfect gift is second nature, we are constantly surrounded by beautiful things and the ranges Georgina picks out are so divine there always seems to be something for everyone. But it occurred to us one day at a team meeting that not everyone finds it that easy! Even when they are surrounded by our beautiful products they go a little bit snow blind and struggle to make a choice. We soon realised that choosing the perfect gift especially online is really tricky, so how do you choose the perfect gift? When we thought about it, we realised that there really is a science to it and there are so many factors to consider, we really are specialists in this field or “Giftologists,” experts in the science of gifting. Every day we speak to people who come through our doors and eek out just enough information to help them get it just right. If you come in to our shop we are always happy to help and give you inspiration for a gift. But unfortunately, we can’t be with you to help make these decisions on line, so what do you need to know to be a Giftologist and use our skills to find the perfect gift?

We have organised the site in to Occasions, Relations, Life Events and Interests to help you. The most important part of giving the perfect gift is taking time to get to know the person and reflect that in the gift you give. But sometimes you don’t know someone that well but you still want to give a lovely gift without getting it wrong! Here are some hints and tips to help you become the perfect Giftologist.

How well do you know the person?

  • Not that well – then play it safe look for our best sellers, neutral colours or smells and lets be honest if all else fails everyone loves a candle !!
  • Pretty Well – think about their colours and their style, what’s their favourite drink, do they have pets, interests or a particular favourite
  • Really Well – try and think of your recent conversations, their life events and things which you can tie the gift to, show you pay attention, look for gifts that show you care and you appreciate that person. Do they have a new Kitchen or just started a new job great ways to tie a gift in !!
  • What are their Interests? Do they like Prosecco or Gin & Tonic, go to the gym, love to write, need organising or spend hours in the bath surrounded by candles? All things you can use as a theme for your gift.

What Message do you Want to send?

  • Is this a special peson in your life? A Fabulous friend, Lovely Mum, Gorgeous Grandma, Super Dad, Awesome Auntie or Brilliant Bro? Chose a gift or a token to add to the gift with this message on?
  • Is it a Thank You, Good Luck, Good Bye, Well Done gift? If so you can send gifts with a message that reflects this like You’re Awesome, Follow your Dreams or You’re a Star or just find a gift with a Star on it sometimes you don’t have to spell it out to get the message over.
  • Do you want to show you love them? Maybe to the moon and back? Find something with a love related message that hits a cord.

Is it for a special Occasion?

  • Big Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries call for something a bit more!!
  • Obviously the better you know the person the easier this is
  • For special events it’s nice to give a gift that commemorates this milestone and can be a keepsake for future years.

What you’re looking for is a happy recipient with smiles and hugs all round and a feeling of satisfaction that you have shown that special someone you care and they are special. Our ranges enable you to select for a variety of people; male and female, young and old, fun loving or shy and retiring. The website and the shop have a gift for everyone, but don’t forget gift wrapping and a card. We will gift wrap all your presents for you and suggest a card.


Still struggling we have put together a series of Giftology boxes, for live events, special occasions, interests and special people. You decide on your budget and we will pick out a series of gifts for you, to make sure we get it just right we will email you a series of simple questions for you to fill in about the person. We will then beautifully wrap all of the gifts put them in one of our gorgeous boxes and ship it directly to the recipient but don’t worry we’ll send you a summary of what you purchased so you know what went in the box.. Gifting made easy.


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